If you are here, welcome. I am humbled. I have a thousand ideas pinging around in my brain of what the future of January Farms is, and what I want for it and others, but you being here with me as I embark on this path means so much. 

I glance back at the first entry I made in my January journal. It was given to me by my mother-in-law who told me I needed a place to write these ideas down. I didn't know it then, but I needed to write them down. I needed to give them a voice. I had little inklings and urges toward this idea, but until then, it was all just impossible. A dream, nothing more. 

In that first entry I describe this dream as the one that I cannot shake, the one that lies just under your consciousness. The one that wakes you, or inspires you as you sleep. 

There came a point though, that the dreams and ideas became more. They became reasonable, finite, real. And all those things swirling around needed a place to land, if just only for now. 

So I began writing. And planning. And, the truth is I am still writing and planning, and planning and writing. But I did something that I needed to do; I gave the dream a name. 

I named it.

I spoke its name to one person.

Then another.

Then I began sharing my dream in a more realistic way. I began to believe it not only could be, but it would happen. Not without a great deal of work and time, but what exists in this world that's completely worth it and not? 

It was hard for me to talk about January Farms at first. The same way using the word fiancé was hard for me. I felt self-conscious. I felt like I was being looked at like a crazy person. But it was in those first few times of really sharing this goal of mine, I realized if I wanted anyone to take me seriously, if I wanted this, I had to believe it myself first. 

I had to write it down. 

There is a permanence in writing. It is something, in most cases, you cannot take back. I struggled with that too. 'If I write it down and it doesn't happen, then I have failed.' But the beauty of dreams is they can look a very certain way, and slowly over time can melt into something different. Or they can drastically change in a pivotal moment. Learning to be flexible and sure is something I am still struggling with. 

But I know that sharing this story is something I want to do. Perhaps it will be a journey that you can learn from, or help me in or maybe my words to myself are enough to keep me honest. Whatever the reason you find yourself here, I thank you.

  And now to begin... again...