WorkShops/ Classes

Part of beginning again, in whatever fashion, requires learning new skills. I am so excited to share my knowledge and experience with you! And because many of these skills are so much easier done with real hands-on training  in a real life setting, the classes below, unless otherwise expressed, are held at my homestead (either my kitchen or garden)


Preserving the Season session 3: Tomatoes

August 18th 10:30am - 12:30pm

Preserve the Season Summer Series continues with tomatoes! This not quite fruit or vegetable gets a day of its own in this two-hour basics workshop. We will cover:

  • the basics of freezing 
  • Water Bath Canning Basics
  • Preparing and canning tomatoes
  • Making and canning chutney

Attendants will go home with one of each item canned during the workshop:

  • one container of frozen tomatoes
  • one quart canned tomatoes
  • one half-pint of chutney
  • as well as a packet with recipes used and canning resources

Cost : $25.00




Preserve the season session 2: Veggies | Pickling

July 14th 1pm - 3pm

Come learn how to make tasty pickles in this two hour workshop! We will cover the basics of pickling vegetables and water bath canning. We'll whip up a batch you can enjoy right away and one to store for later!

Includes all supplies, equipment and produce needed. You will leave the workshop with:

- One quart refrigerator pickles 

- One quart shelf stable pickles

- resource guide and recipes from the class

- extra fermented goodies to sample or take home!

Snacks and drinks provided

Cost: $25.00


Preserve the Season

Summer Session 1: Fruit | Jam

June 30th 10am - 1pm

Come learn the basics of preparing, freezing and water bath canning various fruits of the season! In this workshop you will learn skills to preserve fruit on your own, and go home with some great goodies from our session! We will cover basics of freezing fruits, canning fruit and making and canning jam. This is a 3-4 hour workshop. 

Includes all supplies, equipment and produce needed. You will leave the workshop with:

- One(1) container of frozen fruit

- One(1) quart of canned fruit

-One(1) half-pint jar of jam

-as well as resource guide and recipes from our class

Cost: $48